About Us

Practical nerds is how one of our clients describes us

We have staff skilled in programming who also know what it is like to run a business.

We keep in mind we are creating a solution to fit your business model not a piece of software that may be clever, but does not work exactly for you.

Goronwy Price company founder and director came to software development after a diverse business career including founding Australia's largest adventure travel company and running a sizeable publishing business.

"I love the challenge of software. It is incredible just how much you can transform a business through software. If you dare to try you can completely get rid of most of the dull jobs. The most boring soul destroying tasks are always the easiest to computerise. This leaves the people in the business free to concentrate on what they do best - their product and service" says Goronwy.

The best software gets created through a close working relationship between ourselves and our clients. We strive for an environment where both sides contribute ideas to the finished product.

Some clients have been with us for 10 years and it seems as though we have become part of their company. In that time many have grown from 1 or 2 person micro businesses to companies employing over 100 people. We like being part of that growth.

Publishing Manager

publishing manager integrates with InDesign and Quark Express

Res Wizard

Leading Software for Travel Agencies

Print Manager

cutting edge estimating and quoting program for offset and digital printers

Course Manager

Course Manager allows you to grow from a local speciality school to an international franchise

Apartment Manager

This cunningly designed program is for rental booking and real estate agents.  It is ideal for short term holiday and business rentals