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Course Manager

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Designed for private colleges. Course Manager makes it easy to manage courses, enrolments, room usage, staff, book lists and your accounts. Like all our products it has powerful reporting capabilities that can be modelled to your needs. Course Manager is designed with your productivity in mind. Most jobs are achieved quickly and easily at a click of a button leaving you free to use your time elsewhere. Prepare all your invoices or SMS the entire class with a single button click.

Are you operating a franchise or running at more than one outlet? Course Manager allows you to manage multiple schools. It provides central planning capabilities while giving each school complete privacy and the ability to manage their own staff, course selection, rooms, students and finances.

Course Manager grows with you. This is a multi-user system that can be as small or big as you are. It can be run from a single desktop machine, shared across a local network using FileMaker's built-in capabilities or extended to 250 concurrent users using FileMaker Server.

Publishing Manager

publishing manager integrates with InDesign and Quark Express

Res Wizard

Leading Software for Travel Agencies

Print Manager

cutting edge estimating and quoting program for offset and digital printers

Course Manager

Course Manager allows you to grow from a local speciality school to an international franchise

Apartment Manager

This cunningly designed program is for rental booking and real estate agents.  It is ideal for short term holiday and business rentals